Vert. Borer

faceplate diameter 1000 mm
swing diameter 1150 mm
turning height 800 mm

faceplate diameter 800 mm
swing diameter 1050 mm
turning height 630 mm

Max. work piece diameter, mm 2300
Max. work piece height, mm 1600
Table diameter, mm 2100

faceplate diameter 1200 mm
swing diameter 1400 mm
turning height 1000 mm

(Max. workpiece diameter without the side support) – 4000mm Turning by side tool slide

(Max. workpiece diameter with the side support)– 3750mm Face plate diameter – 3500mm

Turning height of workpiece– 2000mm

Chuck diameter,mm - 2250
Work piece swing,mm - 2500
Machine weight, kg - 35500